Three young men examine a measuring tape in a forest.
LEAF In Action LEAF interns measure trees at Tolland State Park in Massachusetts. © Richard Howard


Nature Conservancy Internships

Internships offer students experience with real projects and challenges in conservation.

If you are looking to experience real business at a global organization, we offer a variety of options. These give you exposure to real projects and challenges in the conservation arena. 

Internships at The Nature Conservancy can be paid or unpaid, but should be directly related to a current or recently accredited educational program. Individuals may also receive school credit from an education institution in addition to or in lieu of wages. 

These varied opportunities are aimed at high school, undergraduate and graduate students and differ by program or business unit. They are typically offered at focused times during the course of a year or on a “seasonal” or “summer” basis.

While internships are typically posted on our Careers site, you may also want to contact individual business units at specific locations to inquire about opportunities.

Nature Conservancy Internships

  • A female scientists tests conducts a laboratory test.


    The mission of GLOBE is to prepare young professionals for successful careers in the environmental industry. We hire college students and recent college graduates for paid summer internships. Learn More

  • Three young women stand in a river to examine a critter


    The LEAF program provides paid summer internships for high school students and helps educators from environmental high schools share best practices and scientific resources. Learn More

I will carry with me the connections I have gained through GLOBE and the truths about myself that I have unlocked along this journey. I have been greatly shaped by my relationship with The Nature Conservancy..

Western Connecticut State University