About Us

Who We Are

a smiling man standing on a fishing boat pulls a net out of the water
Partnership We unite partners in government, communities, and industry to build new pathways for a sustainable future. © Jason Houston

What Makes Us Who We Are

We believe that nature—thriving and full of life—is the foundation of strong communities, a prosperous economy, and a future worth passing on to our grandchildren. We believe that reconciliation is at the heart of our progress as a nation. And we believe that Canada can be a global beacon for hope.

We Are United We build diverse partnerships by unearthing shared environmental, social or economic values, and we transform our collective strength into solutions to Canada’s greatest conservation challenges.

Quote: Hadley Archer

We can turn conflict into opportunity by working together, and by recognizing we are all united with nature, and with each other.

Hadley Archer Executive Director, Nature United

Our Priorities

United as Nature and People

Our vision is for a sustainable Canada where nature is the foundation of human well-being, prosperity and opportunity for future generations.