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Haleakala National Park TNC staff Axel Brunst stands on a rock inside the crater of Haleakala National Park. © Ian Shive/Tandemstock.com

Nature United brings global innovation and investment to Canada and amplifies Canadian leadership to tackle world challenges.

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Global Affiliation The Nature Conservancy is the global affiliate of Nature United. © TNC

Nature United's global affiliate is The Nature Conservancy—the world’s largest conservation organization, with more than 3,000 staff worldwide, 600 scientists and 1 million supporters. 

Founded in 1951, TNC has offices in all 50 U.S. states and is impacting conservation in more than 70 countries and territories—protecting habitats from grasslands to coral reefs, from Australia to Zambia. The mission of TNC is to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends.

Global Insights

Explore new thinking on the most pressing issues facing people and the planet from our global network of thought-leaders and experts.


    Eternal Mongolia

    A pathway to achieve the nation’s climate and biodiversity goals that will ensure the community-based conservation of vast natural areas including the planet’s last intact temperate grassland. Read More

  • Gabriela Tejada in Everglades National Park, Florida, August 2023. Gabriela researched fire as an aid in Everglades water restoration.

    Growth Potential

    Our global affiliate and the National Geographic Society are remaking the stereotypical internship experience to equip young adults from underrepresented communities with the tools they need to become conservation leaders. Read More

  • Graphic of nature and people

    Our Global Affiliate's 2023 Annual Report

    Learn how TNC is supporting lands, waters, plants, animals and people across the world. Read More

  • Person measuring a tree trunk.

    Trees in Peril

    The urgent race to save North America’s iconic trees imperiled by invasive pests and pathogens. Read More

  • Aerial view of forest and coastline.

    Critical Areas for Biodiversity & Nature’s Contributions to People

    New science points to areas where conservation and sustainable management can provide 90 percent of nature’s contributions to people and meet biodiversity goals. Read More

  • Person standing atop a flower-covered hill near the ocean.

    Young Professionals Predict What 2024 Will Bring for our Planet

    Fresh perspective from conservation’s present and future. Read More

  • Wind turbines on a hillside.

    Media Statement: 'At the 11th hour, Dubai delivers meaningful milestone'

    In the final hours of COP28, diplomacy turns divisive text into path forward on climate emergency. Read More

  • Snowy owls are known to migrate as far south as the northern United States in the winter.

    Top 10 Winter Wildlife Experiences to Enjoy Near You

    In colder climes, the lack of tree cover and a white snowy backdrop makes finding birds and other wildlife easier – even in cities and suburbs. Read More

  • mistletoe

    Mistletoe: A Natural and Human History

    Most of us consider mistletoe another bit of holiday decoration, if we consider it at all. But those earworm songs about Mommy and Santa Claus have their roots in ancient myth and even natural history, like so many cherished holiday traditions. Read More

  • A small island with a tree welcomes a flock of herons every evening, who come from far away to rest for the night until they leave again the next morning.

    A Year On from the World’s Biggest Deal for Nature

    Here's where things stand one year since COP15's Global Biodiversity Framework. Read More

  • A caribou grazes in a fall-colored field.

    Canada Announces Steps To Protect Biodiversity

    The Government of Canada announces that it will table legislation to entrench the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework in law and to adopt an actionable, whole-of-government plan for halting and reversing nature loss in Canada.  Read More

  • Person watching the sunrise in the mountains.

    Global CEO Statement: COP28 Must be More Than Just Words

    As science suggests window to limit warming to +1.5C is narrowing, tangible progress must take precedent over politics – because every action matters. Read More

  • Claudia Picone, a staff member with the Nature Conservancy, plants seedlings in the Extrema municipality of Brazil. The Nature Conservancy's Atlantic Forest program began a Water Producer Program to compensate landowners who protect and reforest riparian areas on their lands. Trees planted here count towards the Conservancy's goal of planting one billion trees in Brazil's Atlantic Forest, of which just 7% remains.

    COP28: Your Guide to the 2023 UN Climate Conference

    When it comes to the climate crisis, every action matters. Here's everything you need to know about the conference. Read More

  • flower.

    A New Deal to Close the Nature Finance Gap

    Financing to address the biodiversity crisis is woefully inadequate, but upcoming international negotiations could help make up for lost time. Read More

  • Hands in soil.

    Food, Climate and Nature FAQs

    An explainer on regenerative food practices across forests, farms and seas. Plus, how you can support food systems that heal the planet. Read More

  • Patrick Assumpção, rural producer and partner with TNC Brasil, on Coruputuba Farm.

    It’s Time to Embrace the Potential of Agroforestry as a Climate Solution

    Adding native trees to agricultural lands improves biodiversity and farmer livelihoods, and can help address the climate crisis at a global scale. Read More

  • Group of people in a circle studying a map.

    Major Opportunities to Support Indigenous Stewardship

    A new global study maps out conversion risks to Indigenous Peoples' lands and emphasizes the importance of rights-based solutions. Read More

  • Person siting on rock by the coast.

    Conservation Trailblazers

    Meet six women who are changing how conservation is done at TNC, from conference rooms to local communities. Read More

  • Aerial view of forest and coastline.

    10 Places to Watch in 2023

    The world just signed a new deal for nature—now it's time to put it into action. Read More

  • Square graphic with the tex "food for good" in top left corner and "menu of change" in bottom right corner.

    Menu of Change

    Meeting global climate and biodiversity goals will require a swift shift in the way we produce and consume food. Read More

  • A manta ray passes overhead accompanied by an entourage of juvenile golden trevally while free diving on the Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia

    COP15: Your Guide to the 2022 UN Biodiversity Conference

    Representatives from all over the world will gather in Montreal, Canada for COP15. Here's everything you need to know about the conference and why TNC will be there. Read More

  • A portion of the largest and last intact coastal rainforest on earth.

    How North America’s Emerald Edge Could Help Change the World

    Indigenous Peoples are leading conservation and climate action in this critical rainforest. Read More

  • A girl stands on a tree branch in the smoky air near a city in Egypt.

    COP27: Your Guide to the 2022 UN Climate Conference

    If you’ve never heard of COP27, or if you need a refresher, this guide will tell you what to expect from the event, why TNC will be there—and what this all means for you. Read More

  • Blue-winged Eurybia butterfly resting on a Heliconia plant.

    Building an Enduring Earth Together

    Enduring Earth is an ambitious collaboration that works alongside nations as they accelerate and amplify conservation for a sustainable future. Read More

  • Kurt Martin, a commercial lobsterman and fisherman based in Chatham, Massachusetts, has watched the climate and fish availability shift over the years.

    Climate-Ready Fisheries Can Restore Ocean Health

    Around the world, staff at TNC and partners are filling a critical gap in the global dialogue about adapting fisheries to climate change. Read More

  • trees turn black against a blue and red sky as the sun sets

    The Latest IPCC Report: What is it and why does it matter?

    The UN released a new climate report—here's what it says, and what we can do about it. Read More

  • a sunset with sun rays that look like they are radiating heat

    Media Statement: IPCC AR6 Working Group II report

    A statement from Katharine Hayhoe, Chief Scientist for our global affiliate, on the publication of the IPCC AR6 WGII report. Read More

  • 3 Keys to Creating a More Sustainable World in 2022

    Change doesn’t happen overnight, but here’s how the past year could affect the critical decade ahead. Read More

  • Change doesn’t happen overnight, but here’s how the past year could affect the critical decade ahead.

    2021 in Review

    Change doesn’t happen overnight, but here’s how the past year could affect the critical decade ahead. Read More

  • A man enjoys paddleboarding among the cypress trees in Lake Fausse Point, Louisiana.

    Statement on the Outcomes from UNFCCC-COP26

    If Paris established the scaffolding, Glasgow has progressed the foundations—but now the heavy lifting of tangible emissions cuts must really begin Read More

  • We can’t tackle climate change through UN COP26 without more funding—here are 5 ways to get it.

    The Playbook for Climate Finance

    We can’t tackle climate change through UN COP26 without more funding—here are 5 ways to get it. Read More

  • In a helicopter flight through the sea mountain range, I came across this white cloud cover, which resulted in this magnificent image that resembles the head of a dinosaur.

    Your Guide to Climate Action at COP26

    What is COP26, why should you care and how can you take action? Read More

  • Pindamonhangaba, SP, Brazil: 09/19/2018:  Maria Salete Eugênio coleta banana produzida em sistemas agroflorestais na Fazenda Nova Coruputuba.

    Protecting Nature Through Authentic Partnerships

    Conservation for the coming decades must be based in authentic partnerships with Indigenous peoples and local communities. Read More

  • This document is a guide to some of the case studies, strategies and tools that can inspire action and ensure success for sovereign nations stepping up with bold commitments.

    Biodiversity Action Guide

    There’s no shortage of strategies available to create a nature-positive planet now—our downloadable guide shows how to translate ambition into action. Read More

  • View of downtown Ottawa and the Parliament Buildings of Canada at sunset, taken from Gatineau, Quebec across the Ottawa River

    Canadian Leaders Back Nature as a Climate Solution—So Does Science

    In Canada, a new study showing the potential of natural climate solutions will help bolster ambitious climate targets and drive bold action. Read More


What are Natural Climate Solutions? Want to fight climate change? Then we need to phase out fossil fuels as soon as possible—and work more with nature.
Why is biodiversity so important? The food we eat, the air we breathe, our climate—everything that makes Earth inhabitable—all depends on the interplay of billions of species around the world.
How carbon markets work If we want to keep the climate in safe boundaries, we need to reach net-zero emissions as soon as possible. But eliminating some carbon sources will be easier than others.
A Food System to Heal the Planet Food is essential for our bodies, our economies and our communities—but the way we produce food right now isn’t always good for the planet.
Humpback Whale British Columbia's 21-million-acre Great Bear Rainforest is the largest coastal temperate rainforest on Earth. © Jon McCormack