underwater view of a diver over a coral reef
God's Pocket Marine Park A diver explores this underwater park near Hurst Island, BC. ©: Jon McCormack

Conserving at Scale

Marine Planning Partnership

Protecting the Great Bear Sea

Building on the historic Great Bear Rainforest Agreement, which set out to advance protection and human well-being across 19-million acres, Nature United is leveraging our global expertise to advance the most comprehensive marine management plan in the world. Seventeen First Nations have signed the historic Marine Planning Partnership (MaPP) agreement with the Province of British Columbia—nowhere else in the world has an ocean management plan been jointly agreed to by Indigenous peoples and a state government. Nature United has committed to helping our partners put these plans into action by supporting new protected areas; fisheries reform to protect critical species; and a new model of collaborative ocean management that addresses issues like spill response and climate change.

Thanks to your support of Nature United and our partners:

  • 241 new projection management zones will be advanced through our support of Marine Plan Partnership goals

  • Investment Models are being explored to help shift ownership of fishing licenses and quotas back to local communities

  • Ocean Planning expertise gleaned worldwide allows us to deliver technical analysis, mapping expertise, and best practices

  • New Marine Protected Areas will be developed and supported through computer modeling and the synthesis of scientific research, advancing sustainable management across more than 25 million acres of ocean

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