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Nature United Accelerates Critical Solutions With a Transformative Investment From the McCall MacBain Foundation

 In this decisive decade for climate and biodiversity, the McCall MacBain Foundation is investing $10 million in large-scale conservation. In Canada, this investment will enable Nature United to accelerate critical solutions for scaling down emissions and protecting nature while bolstering economies and communities.

Nature United is uniquely positioned to accelerate Natural Climate Solutions and support Indigenous-led conservation across Canada. The McCall MacBain Foundation prioritizes immediate and large-scale actions to reduce emissions and invest in communities. Building on our long-term partnership, this gift positions Nature United as the Foundation’s leading climate partner in Canada.

“At this historical moment, we must focus our collective ambition and resources on reversing global temperature rise and biodiversity loss while protecting the ecosystems and communities that support life on Earth,” says Hadley Archer, Executive Director of Nature United. 

“The McCall MacBain Foundation has placed its trust in Nature United to accelerate solutions at the scale and pace needed to change the trajectory of our future.”

These strategies are under-resourced but are incredibly powerful for tackling the climate and biodiversity crises. A study led by Nature United showed that Natural Climate Solutions—protecting, better managing and restoring nature—can deliver powerful, cost-effective emissions reductions in Canada by 2030 that also support sustainable economic development and community well-being. These solutions will be vital for achieving Canada’s targets of protecting 30% of lands and waters by 2030 and reaching net-zero by 2050, as well as following through on the Global Biodiversity Framework championed by Canada at COP15 in December.

“Climate change is the single biggest threat we face—not in the future, but today,” says John McCall MacBain, Co-Founder and Chair of the McCall MacBain Foundation. “We need leadership and action across all sectors. Our investment in Nature United will achieve large-scale results by bringing together science, community, corporate and philanthropic leadership. I personally hope that our partnership with Nature United inspires other leaders to support their approach in Canada and their global reach.”

Indigenous leadership in advancing Natural Climate Solutions and other large-scale conservation initiatives across Canada is essential, both to uphold the rights and authority of Indigenous Peoples and to ensure the integration of time-proven and effective approaches for land stewardship.

“Our support of Nature United will fund large-scale solutions, as well as organizational growth—which, after partnering with Nature United for seven years, we know will lead to greater innovation and impact,” says Alexandra Conliffe, Vice President of Philanthropy & Organizational Learning at the McCall MacBain Foundation. “Nature United’s approach is exceptional in the way it integrates people and nature, which aligns with our values as a foundation. We look forward to achieving results together that truly make a difference.”

The McCall MacBain Foundation gift will support conservation and catalyze new funding in Canada and Australia, including supporting Nature United in contributing new thinking and expertise to outcomes around the world in partnership with our global affiliate, The Nature Conservancy.

This investment will also leverage our expansive global conservation network and will foster collaboration and learning exchanges between Canada and Australia to advance Indigenous-led conservation and accelerate Natural Climate Solutions. These learnings will inform actions around the world as we work together to deliver on global goals to tackle the dual climate and biodiversity crises within 2030 and 2050 timeframes.

Nature United was founded as a Canadian charity in 2014, building on decades of conservation in Canada. Headquartered in Toronto, our organization has field staff located across the country. Nature United supports Indigenous leadership, sustainable economic development and science and large-scale conservation, primarily in British Columbia, the Northwest Territories and Manitoba. Our organization is also working to accelerate Natural Climate Solutions at national and regional scales. To learn more, visit or follow @natureunited_ca.

We are the Canadian affiliate of The Nature Conservancy, a global conservation organization with more than a million members and a diverse team that includes more than 400 scientists. Our global organization works in 79 countries — either directly or through partnerships — to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends. To learn more, visit or follow @nature_press.