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Strategy and Accountability If the newly proposed commitments are fully implemented, they will help Canada protect 30% of lands and waters, as well as halt and reverse biodiversity loss. © Cat Fauvelle/TNC Photo Contest 2021


Nature Strategy and Law Set Stage in Canada for Implementing Global Biodiversity Framework

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Nature United welcomes the launch of Canada’s 2030 Nature Strategy: Halting and Reversing Biodiversity Loss in Canada, and Nature Accountability Act

The Strategy outlines what the Government of Canada is currently doing and its future plans to fulfill each target of the Global Biodiversity Framework adopted in Montreal in December 2022. If it passes, likely in the fall, the Act would hold the Government accountable for publishing regular plans for fulfilling Canada’s commitments under the Framework, and for reporting on progress.

Nature United is pleased to see several of our key recommendations reflected in today’s announcements, including:

  • A new Cabinet Directive for ensuring all federal policymaking and spending is aligned with the KMGBF through the Climate, Nature and Economy Lens (CNEL).
  • Empowering Ministers to elevate Indigenous cultural conservation values alongside ecological conservation values, and to explore opportunities for longer-term and innovative funding to support Indigenous-led conservation and stewardship. 
  • Plans to coordinate action with provincial, territorial and Indigenous governments, building on the precedent set by the Tripartite Agreement between Canada, British Columbia and First Nations Leadership
  • A commitment to advance discussions towards the implementation of mandatory biodiversity disclosures for businesses.
  • A commitment to advance initiatives that would help Canada’s agriculture, forestry and fisheries sectors adopt practices for thriving in harmony with ecosystems, such as the commitment to a National Forest Resiliency Strategy. 
  • Transparency and accountability for delivering increasingly ambitious plans for fulfilling Canada’s commitments under the Global Biodiversity Framework over time, and ensuring these are informed by Indigenous knowledge and the best available scientific advice.

If these commitments are fully implemented — in partnership with Indigenous nations, provinces and territories, and leaders in key productive sectors — they will help move Canada down the path towards protecting 30% of lands and waters, as well as halting and reversing biodiversity loss.

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“When leaders from governments, businesses and civil society celebrated the adoption of the Global Biodiversity Framework in Montreal two years ago, they set the stage for biodiversity and nature protection to be treated as pre-requisites to the continued health and prosperity of communities around the world,” says Shaughn McArthur, Associate Director of Government Relations at Nature United. 

“Today’s announcement includes key elements for delivering on that vision in Canada. Its success will be measured in the Strategy’s ability to summon the all-hands-on-deck approach needed to accelerate the stewardship and preservation of healthy air, water and soil, and to translate nature’s values into tangible benefits for communities across the country.”  

As Canada prepares to attend COP16 in Colombia in November, today's announcement will be looked at by 196 countries that have committed to adopting national biodiversity strategies and action plans. Abroad and at home, the seriousness of Canada’s Strategy will be judged by the government’s ability to mobilize capacities and resources towards its implementation in the coming months, while the swift passage of the Nature Accountability Act into law will be critical for providing the durability and predictability investors need to build nature values into their decision-making for years to come.  

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