Clayoquot Sound Aerial view of Clayoquot Sound © Bryan Evans

Ways to Give

Deep Relationships

Jamie Houssian shares the inspiration behind the Houssian Foundation’s support of Nature United’s work in Clayoquot Sound.

Our Learning Journey

When we first crossed paths with Nature United, we were on a learning journey to explore opportunities in environmental philanthropy. Your organization had been recommended to us by others in the philanthropic community and our initial introduction sparked a keen interest in pathways to achieve conservation. What really resonated with us is Nature United’s ability to bring together a variety of partners and your deep relationships with Indigenous communities.

Over the past several years, we’ve worked to ramp up our Foundation and refine our strategies. Nature United really embraced this journey; and we have been able to leverage your science, relationships and strategies to help think through ways we can have upstream impact and create lasting change. Through this partnership, we’ve also had the unique opportunity to meet First Nation leaders in Clayoquot Sound, visit their territories, and learn first-hand about the vision they are building for future generations.

Filling a Critical Gap

One area in which the Foundation is looking to contribute is filling gaps where existing institutions fall short. Nature United's work is doing just that. Something that strikes us right is that you build relationships with government, institutions and Indigenous partners. Your work in building these relationships—including those with First Nations—is making a difference and doing work that no one else seems to be doing in a substantial and committed way.

Our Partnership with Nature United

Supporting Nature United feels like a partnership. We have enjoyed meeting staff and partners and appreciated ongoing learning opportunities. And the communication levels are just right. We are also connecting with other donors like ourselves as well as leaders in the environmental sector with a focus on western Canada. Thanks to Nature United, we have met folks doing great work and our network with other foundations and funders has expanded—that's been very powerful.

Share Your Plans

Have you already made a gift through your will, retirement plan, or insurance policy for the future of nature? If so, please let us know your plans so we can thank you and welcome you to The Legacy Club.