The Koeye River The Koeye River, which flows through the Great Bear Rainforest on the remote mainland central coast of British Columbia about 30 nautical miles south of Bella Bella, Canada. © Mark Godfrey / TNC

Ways to Give

Trust, Presence and Partnership

Amy Buskirk, Sr. Program Officer for the Donner Canadian Foundation, highlights how Nature United aligns with the Foundation’s values.

A Values-Driven Approach

In 2018, we embarked on an external review of our Indigenous grant-making, which helped us think about our role in this space. This process helped us create more of a place-based Indigenous-led approach to our work and hone our focus on Indigenous-led stewardship. It also helped us articulate our Foundation’s values, which include trust, patience, respect, honesty, transparency, communication and presence. Then we looked for ways to bring these values to life, which brought us to Nature United. Your work is very clearly aligned with our values and we recognise the importance of working with an organization that has long-term relationships with First Nations on the ground. In addition to supporting your work, we also provide support to Indigenous-led cultural, food sovereignty, and resilience initiatives.


Commitment and Flexibility

Our work is focused in specific geographic areas, one of which is the Great Bear Rainforest, where we feel privileged to support a long-term vision led by the people who live there. We know that change doesn’t happen overnight and that partnership is a commitment. It's not about one solution or one agreement being signed. And it’s our impression that Nature United really exemplifies commitment by building robust relationships with communities over time. Something else we respect about Nature United is your flexibility, especially during the COVID crisis, and your dedication to serving Nations and partners as their priorities change in challenging times.


It’s All About People

We appreciate Nature United’s holistic approach, and your focus on conserving natural resources in the context of community and economic resilience. Your support of existing and emerging Indigenous leaders is just one powerful example. And we really value that so much of your work is investing in community-driven initiatives. In addition, Nature United’s staff and partners are among your greatest strengths and we have enjoyed listening to and learning from the people who make this work possible.

Share Your Plans

Have you already made a gift through your will, retirement plan, or insurance policy for the future of nature? If so, please let us know your plans so we can thank you and welcome you to The Legacy Club.