In northern Manitoba, the aura borealis shines over the boreal forest.
Northern Lights In northern Manitoba, the aura borealis shines over the boreal forest. © Michael Pietrocarlo

Ways to Give

Addressing Critical Challenges

Melinda Macleod, Environmental Resilience Global Program Director, shares why BHP Foundation invests in Nature United's approach in the boreal.

At the BHP Foundation, we aim to address the most critical sustainable development challenges of our generation. And we’re particularly focused on the contributions that the global resource sector can make towards addressing those challenges.

The Foundation has three global priorities—one of them is Environmental Resilience. We know that large, natural environments play a really important role in preserving water and biodiversity, and helping people respond to climate change. We focus on improving outcomes by supporting place-based projects that engage with the people who live there, enhancing policy frameworks and mobilizing markets, such as water and carbon. We also recognize that Indigenous peoples have a profound connection to their traditional lands.

The work Nature United is doing in Canada’s Boreal has all of the elements for long-term change. And Nature United is affiliated with one of the world’s biggest conservation organizations, which has worked with the BHP Foundation since day one, helping to design and build our strategy. All of these things make the Foundation really excited about the opportunity to support this project.

Share Your Plans

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