Looking Up from the Big House Laverne Barton walks along one of the fallen logs in Dis'ju, Great Bear Rainforest, BC, Canada. © Jason Houston

Ways to Give

Leaving a Lasting Impact

Arlin Hackman and Judith Wright left a gift in their wills so they can do even more to protect nature for future generations.

Donors to Nature United
Arlin Hackman & Judith Wright Donors to Nature United © Nature United

Why did you include Nature United in your will?

ARLIN: Conservation has always been a key focus for our charitable giving. And when I joined Nature United's Board, I felt the need to contribute in every way I was capable of and to give others the opportunity to join me. For me, a legacy gift was a natural extension of my commitment to Nature United’s approach, which I believe is profoundly important .

JUDITH: I like the start-up nature of Nature United and its capacity to do things differently than traditional conservation, not least of all building strong alliances with First Nations. And secondly, the ability to tap into global resources, because environment crosses boundaries.

How do you want your gift to make a difference?

JUDITH: We did have a conversation about whether to tie our gift to a specific conservation priority. And in the end, we decided not to, because we want to maximize Nature United's ability to use our money effectively.

ARLIN: Like any good investor, we thought about the talent we were giving our money to. We were so impressed by the team…and we trusted that Nature United would put it to the best possible use.

How do you feel about your decision today?

JUDITH: The attentiveness to our decision has been fantastic. We’ve not had that experience with other environmental groups. You’ve made us feel so good.

ARLIN: It was also fun to do — we like being able to participate early in Nature United’s history and to feel like we have a stake in building the organization in Canada.

Share Your Plans

Have you already made a gift through your will, retirement plan, or insurance policy for the future of nature? If so, please let us know your plans so we can thank you and welcome you to The Legacy Club.