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Q̓án̓ístisḷa (Michael Vegh)

Nature United Board Member


a headshot of Nature United board member Michael Vegh

Michael Vegh Nature United board member © Nature United


Hailcistut Implementation Manager, Heiltsuk Nation

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Q̓án̓ístisḷa (Michael Vegh) is from Heiltsuk Nation. He is the Hailcistut Implementation Manager, overseeing $68 million across 53 unique projects related to Marine and Fisheries, Economic Development, Language Revitalization, Housing and Self-Governance. Hailcistut is the Heiltsuk term for reconciliation, which means "to turn things around and make them right again". 

Q̓án̓ístisḷa is also the Community Energy Planner for the Heiltsuk Climate Action Team, who recently finished the Heiltsuk Community Energy Plan. He has experience in rural community connectivity, international relations, Indigenous law and protected areas, marine conservation and guardian watchmen stewardship. Q̓án̓ístisḷa was recognized as Corporate Knight's Top 30 Under 30 Sustainability Leaders of 2021 and Future of Good's 2021 Young Impact Leaders.

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