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Manisha Khindri

Contracts and Grants Specialist

Person standing with water behind them.

Manisha Khindri Contracts and Grants Specialist © Nature United

Areas of Focus

Creating and tracking all contracts and grants.

Media Contact

Jacqueline Nunes
ph. +1 416 526-7353


I admire Nature United’s Indigenous-led approach to conservation and am grateful for the opportunity to support our work to tackle the climate crisis.


Manisha started at Nature United in 2022. In her role, she supports the creation and processing of all contract and grant agreements in accordance with Nature United’s policies and procedures.

Prior to starting at Nature United, Manisha worked at various non-profits including the Coaching Association of Canada, where she supported the operations of the Education Partnerships team. She has also worked in The Gambia, building partnerships with local organizations and leading the development of an incubation program for startups. She has a bachelor’s degree in Arts & Science from McMaster University.

When she’s not working, Manisha can be found planning her next trip, spending time
outdoors or baking.

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