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Layla Forêt

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Layla Forêt is our Digital Marketing Coordinator.

Layla Forêt Digital Marketing Coordinator © Nature United

Area of Focus

Leads digital marketing and storytelling on social media.

Media Contact

Jacqueline Nunes
ph. 416-526-7353

Nature has always been a source of joy and inspiration for me, and has taught me so much throughout my life. I’m so happy to be doing work that is in partnership with nature & supports Indigenous-led conservation efforts.


Layla started at Nature United in 2022 and uses her knack for weaving together words and images to inspire hope, engage communities, and share our powerful mission.

Before joining our team, she worked in marketing and communications within the University of Oregon. There, her favorite and most impactful pieces of work were a social media best practices guide she created for academics that was shared with partnering universities across the nation, as well as a collaborative social media project she did with members of the Many Nations Longhouse. She also majored in cultural anthropology at the University of Oregon and enjoys learning about ethnobotany, Indigenous Foodways, and regenerative agriculture.

In her free time, Layla loves spending time outdoors, working with plants, reading, and hanging out with her cats.

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