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Jenn Burt

Marine Program Director

marine scientist jenn burt in front of the ocean

Jenn Burt BC Marine Lead © Nature United

Areas of Focus

Works on marine planning, resilience and adaptation in coastal communities and kelp forests.


You can read about marine species in textbooks, but doing experiments underwater or surveying the seafloor, you get a different sense of how everything connects. It’s my version of space, like there’s another planet on Earth.


Since beginning at Nature United in 2019, Jenn has worked to build a marine program focused on finding innovative solutions to the intertwined social-ecological challenges that face Canada's Pacific. Through that, she works with First Nations, governments, industry partners and other stakeholders to support sustainable fisheries, marine planning, ecosystem based management, climate change adaptation, and thriving ocean-based coastal communities.

Jenn obtained a Masters degree in Pacific salmon ecology from UBC before becoming a Marine Planning Coordinator at the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society. She was also involved in multiple coastal planning initiatives, including as a science representative for marine planning and MPA network planning processes in B.C.’s Central Coast.

She also holds a PhD in marine ecology and resource management from Simon Fraser University, where her research focused on monitoring kelp forests in central B.C. in addition to work on the Coastal Voices project, where she learned how to navigate the complex social-ecological challenges associated with sea otter recovery and find alignments across divergent perspectives. Her work contributed to both new understandings of subtidal kelp forest dynamics, and elevating Indigenous voices and perspectives on the recovery of sea otters and how that affected shellfish, kelp and the human communities that relied on them.

Jenn has been a life-long naturalist and adventurer. She is often found on the forest trails, sea shores, or mountain cliffs—hiking, swimming, or rock climbing—enjoying time outside and examining the flora and fauna with her wife and daughter. 

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