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Jenn Burt

British Columbia Marine Program Lead



Jenn Burt is a passionate marine ecologist, facilitator, and communicator with expertise in kelp forest ecology, resilience and adaptation in coastal human communities, integrated marine planning, and resource management in linked social-ecological systems. Prior to working at Nature United, she was working on a PhD focused on understanding the ecological and social transformations that are occurring as sea otters return to rocky reef ecosystems in British Columbia. This involved scuba-based surveys and experiments to study how subtidal invertebrate and kelp communities are affected by sea otters, and also working with coastal Indigenous communities to understand how they are adapting to the profound shifts in food security, socio-cultural interactions, and resource management that accompany sea otter recovery (see 

She has been involved in multiple coastal planning initiatives (marine protected area network design, integrated marine planning on BC’s north coast, and an ongoing proposal for a UNESCO biosphere region), which contribute to her interest in how communities, governments, NGOs and industry can work together to achieve better ecosystem-based management. Prior to her PhD, she was the Marine Planning Coordinator at the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society where she worked to strengthen protected area planning, encourage science-based management, and advance many regional marine planning processes. Before that, she obtained a Masters degree in Pacific salmon ecology from UBC, and coordinated marine biology and conservation education programs at the Vancouver Aquarium.

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