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Jane Church

Corporate Engagement Director

a smiling woman in a down jacket standing in front of a waterfall

Jane Church Corporate Engagement Director © Nature United

Areas of Focus

Creates and executes the corporate engagement strategy in support of broader organizational goals.

Media Contact

Jacqueline Nunes
ph. 416 526-7353


I have always worked in corporate sustainability, but I wanted to focus more on climate because it’s the biggest, most important issue of our time, and we don’t have many years left to act.


Jane joined Nature United in 2021. She leads corporate engagement, working to leverage the power of business to advance Nature United’s mission by helping companies to change their business practices on the ground, advancing policy together and creating opportunities for philanthropic corporate engagement.

Before this, she worked in the natural resources sector on human rights, community engagement, corporate sustainability and environmental, social and governance strategies for over a decade. Jane also co-founded a non-profit called NetPositive, which focused on ensuring that communities around resource development were left better off. In that role, she led collaborative dialogue and problem-solving with Indigenous and other affected communities, companies, governments and others on the social impacts of natural resource development. She has a master of arts in law and diplomacy from Tufts University and a bachelor of commerce from the University of Toronto.

On the weekends, you can find her hiking and biking with her toddler or paddling by her family college on Georgian Bay in Ontario.

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