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Emilio Valeri

BC Community Engagement Coordinator

Person standing on path surrounded by ferns.

Emilio Valeri BC Community Engagement Coordinator © Nature United

Areas of Expertise

Community engagement and supporting Indigenous leadership and stewardship initiatives.

Media Contact

Jacqueline Nunes
ph. +1 416 526-7353


I am excited to work for Nature United because their approach to conservation values human well-being and Indigenous rights, and this aligns with my personal beliefs and principles.


Emilio started working at Nature United in January 2023 with a goal to support Indigenous-led conservation and Nature Climate Solutions programs for British Columbia. His work primarily focuses on working with communities to develop pathways in which their needs and concerns can be addressed through community-led conservation initiatives. 

Prior to working at Nature United, Emilio worked with a municipal government in British Columbia to identify strategies to develop a meaningful community forest partnership with local First Nations. In Indonesia, he helped a non-profit plan and implement landscape activities involving forest-dependent communities in the country’s eastern islands. 

Emilio has a deep fascination with arts. As a kid and an adolescent, music and films were one of the few ways he could experience the world beyond what his surrounding had to offer. 

Recent Publications:
Riggs, R. A., J. D. Langston, L. Nerfa, A. K., Boedhihartono, C. Gaston, A. R. Herdianti, E. Valeri, J. Sayer. 2021. Common ground: integrated landscape approaches and small and medium forest enterprises for vibrant forest landscapes. Sustainability Science. 

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