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Berkley Ridenhour

Canada Program Specialist

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Berkley Ridenhour Canada Program Specialist © Nature United

Areas of Focus

Driving progress and improving efficiency in the Natural Climate Solutions program

Media Contact

Jacqueline Nunes
ph. +1 416 526-7353

I’ve always been passionate about nature. I don’t think I was put on earth to be a scientist, but I may have been put here to be a really good project manager. I want to use that to contribute to conservation as much as possible.


Berkley joined our global affiliate as a conservation coordinator for the Great Lakes Project’s aquatic invasive species team. She then moved to Nature United in 2018, working on the Boreal and Manitoba Programs, helping support freshwater, forest and animal conservation across the country. In 2021 she transitioned to her current role in the Natural Climate Solutions program, where she supports a team working on innovative solutions to the climate crisis.

In this role, she puts her project management background to good use, which she developed while working as an office manager and program assistant at Dodge Communications and Washington State University. She has a degree in English literature.

Berkley lives on a hobby farm, and in her off hours she grows and harvests much of her own food. She also owns three pack goats, which often accompany her on backpacking trips. She loves being near water, whether she’s swimming or kayaking.

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