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Avrim Lazar

Nature United Board Member


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    Independent consultant, Founder and Convener of the Global Salmon Initiative

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Avrim Lazar is a globally recognized policy and communications coach who assists diverse groups in identifying and pursuing common interests. He guides the successful navigation of the government, civil society and business interface and helps make whole cloth of social, economic, and environmental interests. His current projects are concentrated on energy, forestry and fish farming in Europe, North America and South America.H e is the founder and convener of the Global Salmon Initiative. He was CEO of the Forest Products Association of Canada during a transformative decade and has held senior policy positions in the government of Canada in the Ministries of Justice, Agriculture, Environment and Human Resource Development. During this period he was responsible for national policy in areas as diverse as climate change, biodiversity, child poverty, employment insurance and labor force training. He holds a Bachelor of Science from McGill University and a PhD from the University of Ottawa.

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